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Monday, June 05, 2006

Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah Teluk Intan: To Live, To Learn, To Love, To Leave A Legacy PART III

Albert Einstein once said, "Remember your humanity and forget the rest."

Good for Einstein.

Not sure if it's that simple though.

The truth is, we're deeply integrated with the rest that it's impossible to forget them. What I hope for is humanity can be weaved into 'the rest' so as I walk through mylife journey, I won't forget to take a moment, reflect and remember what I can do to help.

On a second thought, I think that was what he meant. Einstein, that is.

So, meet Abg Ajis. I wish I have the photo of his wife, Kak Ana, as she equally deserves the praise for her selflessness.

For the friends with opportunity to read this, if it is too overwhelming, think an atom at a time. How can we, together, help make this house a bit more comfortable, a bit more secure, and most importantly, to let them know that they're a lot more loved.

1. Donation - The bottom line is, they need money to operate. Abg Ajis mentioned roughly 10K per month. Yes, I was actually a bit taken aback by the amount. 'Isn't that a little excessive', my naive mind wondered. So I tried to break it down.

30 residents. With the simplest meal three times a day, say each person takes RM6, that is RM180/day, RM5400/month. Then comes the diaper. Most of them are on diaper at night, some all day. If you take 25 people with 1 diaper a day, that is RM750/month. Misc expense such as toothpaste, soap, detergent, household product, women sanitary napkins etc .. let's set aside RM600 a month (a mere amount, knowing that I spend about the same amount on a household of only 6 people). Then come the bungalow rental at RM1000/month. Bills may be amount to RM150. That's a grand total of (RM5400+RM750+RM600+RM1000+RM150) = RM7900. God forbid if one or more fall sick, then there's medicine, doctor's bill to foot for. What about Farah's schooling needs when she reaches a school-ready age? I forgot to ask if she goes to any kindy now. Perhaps not.

Currently, less than 25% of the residents are paying for their stay (their families are paying about RM250 a month) but that's hardly enough.

2. Item donations

Abg Ajis said time and time again, basically anything. He even pointed out that the beds they're using are donated. Look at Opah's bed on the right. It's without a sheet.

So, diapers, clothing, sheets, food.. anything

3. Most importantly, AWARENESS.

We as an individual drop may not be able to give that much. An ocean of us can definitely make a difference. Tell our friends, families, colleagues, community .. about this. From a smallest effort to as big as getting this publisicized on TV. Abg Ajis and Kak Ana are probably too consumed in day-to-day management of the house, that they are probably drained, so if there are good ideas, lets work on some. Lets take them to the couple.

Now, we have lived an hour of their life. We have learned about their needs. We even grow to love their uniqueness. Lets leave a legacy together. A legacy that can even outlasts us.

Thank you Ummiku Sayang members, for your donation. I was honored to pass RM1000 from the group to Abg Ajis, and I am relieved to know that more are coming.

Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah
C/O Tamjis Hj Rakim and Rohana Saidin
53-B Kg Selabak Luar Batu 3
Jalan Changkat Jong
36000 Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia


  • Suri, you've said it all. Angels are everywhere, but at RTAR - there are extra special angels .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:04 PM  

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